About Us

August 8, 2012

Lately Dolittle’s has been digging deep into the internet.  Rolling in social media, yapping about online coupons, and check-ins.  Each time we unearth a new media outlet we find ourselves staring at the About Us section.  We’re a private little corner-shop and are much more interested in About You than About Us.  However, ready or not, here is an official About Us.  We promise to be brief…

Once upon a time there was a young boy with two entrepreneurial parents and a menagerie of pets.  His childhood was rich with pets, there were never less than five or six pets (dogs, cats, birds, and fish) in the house at a time.  Meanwhile, some 16o miles away in the foothills of SC a young girl was growing up with a parade of cats and a sweet little mix of a dog.  These two finally met in their twenties.  After college they decided to take a road trip and “discover” their future.  For days the conversation went on about the possibilities of a retail store; gifts, cards, household, it could not be decided.  Then, the subject of pets came up.  Neither of the two could recall a pet store in their hometowns (or elsewhere) that put style with substance.  A place that would be both fun to shop and loaded quality items (and not smell of hamsters or beef carcasses). Then somewhere on a bridge in Baltimore he said: “I know, we’ll call it Dolittle’s.” The name was an homage to Dr. Dolittle one of the boy’s favorite books growing up.  From there they set about creating a product line and imagining their future store.  However, a harsh reality awaited them on return.  At her house they excitedly explained the idea of Dolittle’s to her mom.  After listening patiently, and reviewing all of the product ideas and sketches, her mom gently said: “Well, it sounds really great, but what are you going to use for capital?”

Capital? Clearly there was another side to business that the young couple was not prepared for.  Fortunately, Charleston SC, their new home, has a fabulous way to launch a business with very little overhead: The City Market.  For the next 5 years they would build up a brand, and a following from the customers travelling through Charleston, and most of all capital. In 1999 the opportunity for a store front finally arrived.

From Dolittle’s little corner on Windermere Blvd they have helped dogs and cats grow up healthy, and improved the relationship between thousands of pet owners and their pets.

So that’s About Us, or the beginning of us, now tell us About You.  Oh, and come like us on Facebook, you’ll be glad you did.