Life With Dog

December 10, 2015

facebook.quote_cereal.waterWe’re guessing that if you eat cereal, you probably add milk to it. Adding milk does a few things for us, not the least of which is to make the cereal more digestible. The same follows for water in your dog’s food.

Left alone dog food can be very dry.  Dry food can be problematic for their general wellness too. They may experience more gas as dry kibble tends to be chock full of air pockets. When air is consumed – well, what goes in . . . must come out [cue: dog fart]. Also, every time you fill the stomach with essentially tiny dry sponges the body’s natural reserves of moisture can get depleted. Dry in results in dry out.

OUR ADVICE: Add water to your dog’s dry food. Just like milk to cereal.


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