Best Friend Squared Contest

June 23, 2011

Choose this or another of 70+ patterns!

Dolittle’s would like your help in getting some new fans to our Facebook page. We thought it would be fun to host a little contest, we call it the Best Friend Squared Contest.  Here’s how it works: we have a FREE leash and collar set for your best canine friend AND we have a FREE leash and collar set for your best friend’s best canine friend!  Got that?   That’s your dog getting a new leash and collar set and your friend’s dog too!  To enter: ask as many of your best friends to join Dolittle’s Facebook page as you like .  The more NEW friends you have join, the greater the chance of winning! Once they join, have them post on our wall: “[your name] is my best friend.” On July 31st we will pick a name at random (from our new fans) and they will receive a FREE leash and collar set!   We will also ask them to tell us which best friend we need to send the second set to.  Don’t worry, we’re happy to ship them out of town if need be.  Our good friends at Paw Paws have agreed to sponsor our contest and supply us with our giveaways, a $120.00 value!


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