The Hurricane To-Go Box

June 20, 2011

This is a recap of everything we mentioned this week on Facebook to help you get your pets prepared for a hurricane evacuation.

  • Vet record copies with phone numbers
    Vet records will help you if you need to take your pet to another clinic for some reason, or if you need to board them in another city, or if you need to get into a shelter
  • Photos of your pets
    Photos will help if you get separated from your pet
  • ID tag(s)
  • A favorite toy
    Maybe a SECOND favorite that your pet wouldn’t mind being with out for a few months. You could unpack your HTG box around the 1st of December (with a sigh of relief)
  • Storm Stress, or other supplement, or Thundershirt, that will help reduce stress
  • A list (or link) of nearby hotels that are pet friendly
  • A standard 5 to 6 foot leash
  • A weekly pillbox loaded up with a couple of weeks of pills
    You can always reclaim the pill at the end of hurricane season
  • Bowls
  • Crate and bed pad
  • Poop pick-up bags
  • Pet Food, our suggestion is 4 to 5 days worth
    As a rule of thumb: pet food WEIGHS 4oz per cup. So if you feed 2 cups a day you are feeding about ½ pound per day, and 2.5 pounds in 5 days
    Dehydrated food is super light weight and will not expire before hurricane season ends
  • Chew Treats and biscuits

Please tell us what we have overlooked.


One Response to “The Hurricane To-Go Box”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Registration number and contact info for your microchip company of choice.
    On a single sheet (maybe witht he dog friendly hotels, list all the dogs info that you would need ( and don’t know off the top of your head) if they got lost, weight, rabies tag # kennel or dog license reg #, chip # etc.
    If you are going to have an extra leash and ID tag, you should also probably have an extra collar, because if you are like me, strays find you.

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