Doggy Farts

March 3, 2010

What better way to begin blogging than to talk about farts?  That’s the classy guy I am.  So, at Dolittle’s we talk about everything in your pet’s life.  Eating habits, the toys they chew, and yes potty habits.  Few things make me smile more than having a dear Charleston lady ask for something to reduce Snookum’s flatus (you, know: g-a-s).  Dogs level the playing field.  Adorn them in Coach leather, feed them pate, hire a doggy assistant, in the end the little guys are going to walk right into the middle of your social event and lay out a paint peeling church creeper.

Here’s what I know about farts.  Farts (are you ready?) come from air trapped in the digestive system.  Air that you hope gets belched out (Hey! There’s another blog topic) or absorbed into the system.  Anything left moves through the intestinal tract picking up an aromatic bouquet that will be released as you and your girlfriend sit down to dinner.  Sure, it’s the dog.

You want to stop Bud’s air biscuits?  You could try hanging an air freshener from his tail.  Or maybe those fancy charcoal underpants, you know the ones.  Here’s what we tell customers – water.  We suggest to everyone that they add water to their dog’s dry food.  Just as you would add milk to cereal.  You might be making the same questioning face as our customers right now.  But here’s why it works, first water displaces any air pockets in your dogs food.  Less air = less gas.  Secondly, and more importantly, your dog now has to lap up a large portion of his dinner rather than insanely gulping in down.  Gulping = air consumption. Lastly, many quality foods (like those sold at Dolittle’s, this is a business related blog after all) contain digestive enzymes and water served in the food will begin the activation of these enzymes.  It’s the enzymes that aid in the digestion process, by providing good intestinal bacteria.  The bacteria breaks down food and reduces gas.

There are a couple of other ways to reduce gas.  You could try any of several gas control pills or supplements.  These typically work by providing friendly bacteria to the digestive system.  Again, bacteria that works to increase digestion an reduce oxygen.  Just remember there are lots of dry food choices out there that contain these digestive enzymes.

Another simple suggestion is to offer more frequent smaller meals.  Consider dividing a single meal into two quick feedings.  Give your dog enough time to lick his lips, sit and maybe even burp.  Like my father-in-law says: better to burp and taste it… you get the idea.  

So there’s what I know on farting – I hope it helps.  Check back on more blogs as I talk about, diarrhea, coprophagia (look it up) and all those great and wonderful things our pets do.  Remember, Dolittle’s is here to help.  We’ve been improving the relationship between you and your pet since 1994.

Ric Sommons
Owner – Dolittle’s


3 Responses to “Doggy Farts”

  1. yaenette Says:


  2. Alli Says:

    This is very interesting, because I have a pit bull who farts like no one’s business (as the breed is supposedly known to do). He also eats very fast (also which the breed is known to do). I am going to try adding water to his food and see if this helps him at all. Great advice!

  3. […] have a whole other blog on that) is that it greatly reduces flatulence. The dog’s not yours. Check it out here! Shameless cross […]

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